I am Cristian, I was born in Potenza, a small city in south of italy 1984, when I live.

I approached the passion of the radio to 16 years in the Citizen Band. Then I switched to radio listeners as SWL. I sent several reports of listening over amateSHACK IZ8GUHur radio and Brodcast. Of the latter, I prefer Voice of Russia that still keeps sending me letters and messages of good wishes for the holidays.

In the 2005 I passed the exam and got the call IZ8GUH. I am a member of the local association A.R.I.

My work condition are :
IC-7100 Icom + Remoterig RRC-1258MkIIs
FT-8900 Yaesu
TM-D700 Kenwood
VX-8GE Yaesu
AEA PK-88 for APRS
Diamond Dipole W8010
Diamond X-300 VHF/UHF

PK88 + FT-8900 IMG_1883






We feel ON AIR

73 de’ IZ8GUH

…the final courtesy of a DX is a QSL…

I prefer QSL by BUREAU or DIRECT. I also accept eQSL.


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